2.5 Inch Membrane Housing

2,5 inç membran muhafaza 300 psi-

The 2.5-inch terminal contact series products cover working pressures from 300PSI to 1200PSI, and can load membrane elements with three specifications of lengths: 14 inches, 21 inches and 40 inches. They are suitable for DOW, HYDRANAUTICS, OSMONICS, KOCH, TORAY, CSM, VONTRON, BDX, etc. A variety of international standard membrane elements.

The product is designed and manufactured in accordance with AMSE standards and can withstand more than 100,000 cycles of water pressure and more than 6 times of blasting water pressure. Yanpin has passed ASME RP, CE, IS09001, IS014001, UL/NSF and other international certifications, and has Suitable for a variety of complex media environments. This series of products has been applied in many engineering projects at home and abroad.

  2.5 Inch Low Pressure Membrane Housing 2.5 Inch High Pressure Membrane Housing
Model R25B300E/R25B450E R25C600E / R25C1000E / R25C1200E
Design Pressure 300PSI(2.1MPa) / 450PSI(3.1MPa) 600PSI(4.1MPa) / 1000PSI(6.9MPa) / 1200PSI(8.3MPa)
Burst Pressure 1800PSI(12.6MPa) / 2700PSI(18.6MPa) 3600PSI(24.6MPa) / 6000PSI(41.4MPa) / 7200PSI(49.8 MPa)
Temperature Resistance Range -10℃ - 66℃ -10℃ - 66℃
Mountable Membrane Components 2540 / 2521 / 2514 2540 / 2521 / 2514
Feed Water Output 1/4" Rc Thread Interface 1/4" Rc Thread Interface
Purified Water output 1/4" Rc Thread Interface 1/4" Rc Thread Interface